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Railway line no. 146, Wyczerpy – Chorzew Siemkowice section

On 02.02.2018, Elkol signed an agreement with ZUE S.A. on development of design documentation as a part of the following task: “Works on railway line no. 146 at Wyczerpy – Chorzew Siemkowice section”

The works covered by the subject of the agreement include:

  • Geotechnical and geological documentation for the purpose of designing accordant with the requirements of the Main Contract, including tests schedule,
  • Obtaining all necessary permits, official decisions, arrangements, opinions, technical conditions and implementations required by law,
  • Coordination of design works,
  • Tests of enclosed structures and tests of the overhead contact lines – in accordance with PFU requirements.
  • Design documentation (concept, construction design, executive design, designer’s supervision):
    – Track works including drainage and crossings + coordination,
    – Development of projects of temporary and permanent traffic organisation on crossings,
    – Visualisation of facilities excluding railway traffic control systems industry, telecommunications engineering and engineering facilities,
    – Passenger service facilities (liquidation),
    – Overhead contact line,
    – Electrical power engineering (LPN and up to 1 kV),
    – Enclosed structures (demolitions and renovations including installations and connections),
  • Tree inventory including obtaining decision on logging permission,
  • Collision removal projects,
  • Designer’s supervision.
  • As-built documentation of all industries (including the station’s road schematic plans, with a breakdown into maximum 3 section) excluding the railway traffic control system industry, telecommunication engineering and engineering facilities,
  • Crossings metrics designs,
  • Technical specifications of execution and acceptance of works.
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