we have been operating on the design and construction services market of the railways industry since 1988

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We design and supply dedicated solutions for automatic switching and positioning of wagons at the loading and unloading points , automatic formation of trains at shunting yards, terminals, industrial sidings and railway depots as well as positioning of wagons and trains in train washing facilities and repair workshops. The wagon broaching machines and accompanying devices we offer are manufactured by the company Palserwis Sp. z o.o. belonging to the Elkol Group, having the required TDT licenses for the modernization, repair and manufacture of haulage devices.

Direct benefits for the user:

  • significant reduction of operational costs associated with shunting movement due to the elimination of shunting locomotives
  • increasing track safety by eliminating the human factor
  • environmentally friendly solutions, the devices do not emit pollution and significantly reduce noise generated during shunting
  • increased equipment availability compared to shunting locomotives

Competitive advantages of the offered devices:

  • can be operated  manually or by automated control systems
  • keep the railway construction gauge (the ability to travel by locomotive and rolling stock over the haulage devices)
  • the possibility of taking over and leaving the wagons at any point of the rolling area
  • the ability to throw a wagon
  • the possibility of intercepting wagons in motion
  • constant measurement of the tension force in the rope and the system regulating its correct value
  • equipped with advanced diagnostics and remote access systems to facilitate maintenance
  • high, safe wheel capture point (this limits the possibility of the wagon jumping over the shoulders)
  • compatible with additional extension carriages, enabling for example pushing wagons to the tippers
  • can be controlled from local or portable radio desktops
  • possibility of installing blockades shared with CCS systems or/and loading/unloading devices
  • electric power supply (no hydraulic system)


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