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Since 1988, from the beginning of its business activity, ELKOL has been undertaking implementation of ambitious tasks that require extensive professional competence and high precision. Within the first five years, the Company was preparing design documentations and construction works for PKP PLK and sidetracks: Łaziska Power Plant in Łaziska Górne, Sośnica Coal Mine in Gliwice, Ziemowit Coal Mine in Lędziny, Moszczenica Coal Mine in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Zabrze-Bielszowice Coal Mine in Ruda Śląska, Kombinat Produkcyjno-Handlowy POLCEMENT in Sosnowiec, Dairy Cooperative in Chorzów, Sleeper Treatment Plant in Pludry, Biuro Projektów Kolejowych in Katowice, Coal Mine in Brzeszcze, Kombinat Koksochemiczny ZABRZE, Makoszowy Coal Mine in Zabrze, Dębieńsko Coal Mine, MOSTOSTAL in Zabrze, IGLOPOL Dębica, CENTROSTAL in Będzin, Huta Szkła ORZESZE, Halemba Coal Mine in Ruda Śląska, Zakłady Chemiczne Tarnowskie Góry. Despite the fact that during the described period ELKOL took its first steps on the market, since the very beginning of activity, investors and contracting authorities have always been satisfied with the tasks implemented by the Company, which is reflected in the numerous reference letters we have obtained.



As a part of contract for Power Plant in Rybnik, we installed shunting equipment systems of Hauhinco from Germany. We have equipped the aforementioned sidetracks with railway traffic control systems by installing modern ABB and ZWUS production devices. At the same time, new turnouts electrical heating devices (EOR) have been installed. Hauhinco shunting systems have also been comprehensively designed and installed in the sidetracks of the following Power Plants: Opole, Siersza in Trzebinia, Combined Heat and Power Plant Łódź III, and Połaniec Power Plant.
For the entire time, Elkol has remained active on the largest investment services market – PKP PLK railway lines.



The satisfaction of customers has always been the main focus of the activity of the founders of ELKOL – Adam Zieliński, Józef Lis and Piotr Dyllus. Since the beginning of activity, customers have always positively evaluated tasks implemented by the Company, which is reflected in the numerous reference letters we have obtained.

In the years 2015-2018, the founders of the Company entrusted management to Dariusz Kruglej, Kamil Klabis and Maciej Bobela, and became advisors who keep supporting the development of the Company. The new Management Board remained faithful to the principles of the Company and continues its successful development.



Today, ELKOL is an important company on the Silesian market, which implemented numerous comprehensive investments – e.g. for the energy industry: Rybnik Power Plant, Łaziska Power Plant, Jaworzno Power Plant, Kozienice Power Plant, Kraków-Łęg Power Plant, Miechowice Combined Heat and Power Plant, Ostrołęka Combined Heat and Power Plant, Opole Power Plant, coal industry: Bytomska Spółka Węglowa: Andaluzja, Bobrek-Miechowice, Julian, Rozbark, Centrum – Szombierki Coal Mines, Rudzka Spółka Węglowa: Bielszowice, Halemba, Polska-Wirek, Pokój Coal Mines, Gliwicka Spółka Węglowa: Sośnica Coal Mine, Makoszowy Coal Mine, Szczygłowice Coal Mine, Nadwiślańska Spółka Węglowa: Brzeszcze Coal Mine, Ziemowit Coal Mine, Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa: Morcinek Coal Mine, autonomous mines: Kazimierz-Juliusz Coal Mine, Sosnowiec Coal Mine, Coke Plants: Zakład Koksowniczy Zdzieszowice, as well as Metallurgy: PHS S.A. Huta Katowice, Pokój Ironworks, Jedność Ironworks, and many leading companies from other industries.

The Management Board is satisfied due to the presence of the Company in the largest investments in Poland associated with construction of new power units in Kozienice Power Plant, Opole Power Plant, as well as commencement of expansion of Tauron Power Plant – Nowe Jaworzno.

PKP PLK remains the leading client of ELKOL. The largest project implemented for this client in the recent years is the following task: “The increase of the quality of transport services via improvement of the technical state of railway lines no. 61 and 700 at Częstochowa – Fosowskie section.” The investment has been awarded with Polish Project Excellence Award in the contest for the most efficiently managed projects in Poland. The investment covered works on nearly 100 km of tracks.

The largest construction works implemented for PKP PLK related to reconstruction of a railway station in Gliwice, reconstruction of Bytom Karb station, as well as reconstruction of railway traffic control devices in Dąbrowa Towarowa station.

A long-term cooperation for the purpose of implementation of the tasks for the aforementioned clients with leading companies, such as: ABB Zwus, Siemens, Foster Wheeler, Schenck, Tiefenbach, PRInż Holding Katowice, Dromex, ABF Mosty, ZUE SA, PNUiK, Dolkom, Strabag, Polimex, Skanska, and the fact that ELKOL constantly cooperates with high class engineers, specialists with long-term experience and high qualifications, having all required national and industrial certificates and authorisations in the scope of designing, creation of cost estimates, expertise, and construction supervision in the following industries: railway traffic control, track, electric power, telecommunication, general construction, roads and bridges and other, guarantees the highest level of implementation of entrusted tasks.

After 30 years of activity, Elkol keeps developing and created a strategy for the next 30 years.

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