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Reconstruction of station complex in Gliwice

On 20.02.2015, Elkol signed an agreement with Aldesa Construcciones Polska Sp. z o.o. Warsaw and Aldesa Construcciones S.A. Madrid for execution of works as a part of the following task: “Reconstruction of station complex in Gliwice.”

As a part of the investment, works for the following industries have been executed:

  • Reconstruction of turnouts heating devices
    – Connection of power supply to 4 REOR cabinets,
    – Installation of REOR switchboards,
    – Construction of electrical heating for 15 turnouts,
    – Construction of TST-137 combined weather converter 2 units,
    – Installation of isolation transformers unit,
    – Installation of a control system for turnouts electric heating devices,
    – Installation of a master dashboard for control of turnouts electric heating devices,
    – Installation of ZKP connector for turnouts electric heating devices.
  • Reconstruction of railway traffic control devices

    – Reconstruction of signal lights: J9, Tm8, Sp J,
    – Replacement of exit railway signal masts and manoeuvre shields in “GLC” dispatching switch and “GL 23” executing switch,
    – Replacement of cables for circuits of turnouts electrical heating devices, axle counters and signalling units for arrival courses into platforms and departures from the platforms in the switch circuit of “GLC” dispatching and “GL 23” executing switch. Installation of new wiring cabinets for newly connected cables,
    – Installation of cable ducts. Transfer of cables to new cable ducts (collective) at platform no. 2 – reconstruction of an existing cable network in order to eliminate collision with newly designed routes – 2,000 mb,
    – Reconstruction of railway traffic control devices associated with the change of the track system (liquidation of tracks and turnouts, replacement of a concentrated turnout – two-side 73/74 and a standard turnout no. 73). Replacement of electrical point machines including adaptation of cables to the requirements of the manufacturer of the point machines and installation of switchpoint lamps at the aforementioned turnouts.

  • Water drainage industry
    – installation of drainage Ø160 mm – 1,469 mb.
  • Road industry

    – Installation of 1 CBP disc (3 mb width) crossing at KK-97 railway curbs in tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 at 27+241 km of line 137
    – Installation of 3 double-disc (6 mb width) temporary technological crossings of CBP type with temporary toll houses operated by linemen having radio and telephone contact with a signalling control

  • Track industry
    – Installation of a track superstructure of total length of 4,914 mb,
    – Dismantling of turnouts and installation of new turnouts.
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